Memorial Tributes

Video picture slideshows provide a way of honoring and celebrating the life of your loved one. We produce a customized picture slideshow with up to 50 pictures, accompanied by music, which commemorates your loved one’s life. This is a free service for the families that we serve. We provide 3 copies of the video slideshow for you take home with you. Video slideshows can be played during visitations and/or services and can optionally be placed on the obituary section of our website. Our downloadable Video Tribute Form explains the details.


Memory Boards

Memory boards provide a visual display your loved one’s life. We provide large framed foam core boards set on large brass floor stands that are available for the display of the memory boards.

Ideas for memory boards include the following:

  • Photographs
  • Quotes or sayings that your loved one often said
  • Diplomas
  • Awards
  • Picture of favorite vacation site
  • Poetry
  • Items depicting hobbies and interests of your loved one

Memorial Tables

Memorial tables include another way to honor a life. We have different sizes of tables available for the displays.

Ideas for memorial tables include the following:

  • Homemade booklets of your loved one’s favorite recipes for guests to take home with them
  • Flower bulbs for guests to take home and plant as a remembrance
  • Basket with pen and paper for guests to leave hand written memories of your loved one
  • Sports jerseys/equipment
  • Framed pictures (We have picture stands of different sizes available for use)
  • Photo albums
  • Religious items/scriptures