A Death Has Occurred... First Steps

We are sorry for your loss.

If the death occurred outside of the hospital or not under the care of Hospice, first call 911 or your local police department.  The next step is to contact the funeral home, by calling us at 703-425-9702. You may call us at any time of the day or night.  We are here for you. If the death occurred at a hospital or under the care of Hospice, then first contact the funeral home; you do not need to contact the police. 

The next step is making the final arrangements. There will be paperwork to fill out. You can do this at the time of arrangements with your funeral director, or, for your convenience, the forms below entail a bulk of the paperwork that you may choose to fill out in advance.


If you have not already scheduled a meeting with one of our Funeral Directors, please contact us at 703-425-9702.

Note: We understand that some of the following sections may ask for information that you do not know at this time or may need to complete at a later date. Please complete the sections to the best of your knowledge. Not all fields are required.